Blue Sky Thinking

It’s been so dreary and grey recently, that my soul seems to skip with the tiniest glimmer of blue sky amidst the frosty clouds!

So, as we have to wait for Mother Nature to bring spring in due course, until then, we’ll have to make do with some inspirational blue skies from these photographs. Enjoy – spring is almost here!

prague-tomasdratnal pixabay

Beautiful Prague, captured by Tomas Dratnal


Sunny Southern Portugal, via me 🙂

brela-tourism-touristar -

Brela, via


Sunny San Fran, via kakabeautyblog


Fuerteventura skies, via me 🙂


Deck the Halls

With just over a week to go til the big day, I’m now properly in a Christmassy mood!

It’s called ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ for a reason 🙂 Twinkly fairy lights dotted around the house and sparkly baubles adorning chunky fir branches, all make your home feel somehow magical.

And I love the way we each all have favourite Christmas decorations – whether it’s an old & worn star we’ve had since childhood, a weathered wooden santa, or perhaps a sparkly turtle dove, there’s always at least one decoration that brings back a whole host of memories and smiles, just by looking at it 🙂

So, if you’re looking for a few last minute decoration ideas for the tree, or just love browsing Christmas ideas like I do, take a look at these seasonal treats….

exposure guide mostlylisaxmas-5 murakamiphotographyxmas-7

Photography credits (in order)

  • Murakamiphotography.blogspot

If you’ve got a favourite decoration, or have just seen some gorgeous photos of them, please pop a comment below, I’d love to take a look 🙂



Selfie Sensations

Like them or loathe them, you can’t go 2 seconds on social media these days without seeing a ‘selfie’ photo.

For anyone out there who doesn’t know what a selfie is, I’m actually very envious and would dearly like to know your secret!

But let’s face it, most of us will have taken at least one in our smartphone-centric lives.

Personally, I’m not a massive selfie-taker. Occasionally, if my husband and I have scrubbed up particularly well for a night out (rare!), I’ll grab the phone, stick my arm out so my shoulder is on the verge of dislocation, make us both smile maniacally for the camera and hope for the best! But these shots often remain deep in my phone, never to be shared, except for the sporadic changing of a profile picture here & there.

But even though I’m not a big selfie shooter, I’ll happily explore the more spectacular photographic results they can wield.


Gordon Buchanan

Photo copyright, Gordon Buchanan


Photo copyright, IAF

And it’s not just a simple selfie anymore. I was initially completely flummoxed by the rise of the ‘selfie stick’! “Surely the reach of our arms can do it well enough?” I cried!

But, after seeing some truly amazing shots that otherwise would’ve been completely missed, I totally see their benefit and scope.

With my fear of heights, I feel quite queezy just looking at some of these shots, let alone having the guts to venture up this high with a camera *gulp*

I’m not saying one’s gonna be top of my list for Santa this Christmas, but I’m certainly impressed (and in awe) of some shots they can deliver…

Alexander Remnev - Amazing-Selfie-Taken-at-the-Top-of-The-Tallest-Building-In-The-World

Photo copyright, Alexander Remnev


MIke Hopkins-astronaut-450836

Photo copyright, Mike Hopkins NASA


If you can point me towards any amazing selfie shots out there, please share below, I’d love to see 🙂


Snug & Warm

The days are getting colder and crisper, and the nights are now drawing in as early as 4 o’clock.

Winter has arrived. Whilst it might be cold outside, it’s the perfect excuse to live a little more indulgently inside! It’s a time for piping-hot bowls of homemade soup, wrapping ourselves in cosy layers of wool & fleece, and for settling down with big mugs of warm cocoa.


Around this time every day, when twilight has started to make the house all shades of blue,  I light the fire in our living room and it just makes everything feel warm and homely again. There aren’t many better places to snuggle down than in front of a roaring fire, flames all ablaze with the sound  of crackling logs…..

Ryan Mahle - Fireplace-RM

Photo copyright, Ryan Mahle

Tatiana Belova-burning-wood-on-fireplace

Photo copyright, Tatiana Belova

damon hart-davis flames

Photo copyright, Damon Hart-Davis

Flocking Together

It’s gradually getting colder for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers, and the summer wardrobe is well and truly at the back of the wardrobe now.

But with the onset of autumn and winter comes all sorts of wonderful changes in nature. It’s a time for long walks, crunching through crispy leaves underfoot, with all manner of lovely golden browns, ambers and rust reds.

And it’s of course a time for birds to up-nest and head for warmer climes.

I’ve been heading to the park a lot more recently to capture all the colours and textures (more in a later post 🙂 ) but I’ve noticed so many more flocks of birds bursting out of sparse trees as the days go by. Migration season is upon us already, and as I’m constantly wrapped in jumpers and scarves, I can’t really blame them!

So, here’s a little flock of images from a handful of photographers, who’ve captured birds in all sorts of weather and motion…

Jai Maisel flock of birds

Photo copyright, Jay Maisel


Kim Steel - flock of birds

Photo copyright, Kim Steel


Arthur Morris - flock of birds

Photo copyright, Arthur Morris


Fabrice Geslin - flock of birds

Photo copyright, Fabrice Geslin


Red-billed Quelea (Quelea quelea) flock taking off at sunset

Photo copyright, via Warren Photographic


David_Lilly - flock of birds

Photo copyright, David Lilly


All beautiful shots, and all so different in the tone & feeling they convey – lovely to behold in person, but just as lovely to appreciate in a photograph …

4pm Sugar Hit

It’s that time in the afternoon again, when I’m staring vacantly at my laptop. I’ve definitely hit the wall.

It’s coming up to 4pm, the wind is lashing against the window panes, and my body is craving a sugary comforting treat.

You know the feeling.  Anything will do. A cookie, a piece of chocolate or a little scoop of frozen yoghurt.

Guess I shouldn’t be looking at these tasty photographic treats then, eh?

Edwardshaw - sweettreats

Photo copyright, Edward Shaw


Photo copyright, Jason Kindig


Photo copyright, Michael Ray