Inspiration – Patrick Ecclesine

It was a few years ago that I stumbled upon the works of Patrick Ecclesine, and quite frankly, I don’t know how I possibly missed his art for such a long time prior.

Ecclesine is a thoroughbred talent, shooting ad campaigns for the likes of Vanity Fair and major Hollywood studios. But it was his voyeuristic debut book, “Faces of Sunset Boulevard: A Portrait of Los Angeles”, that jumped out and made me such a fan of his. Published in 2008, he captured a whole array of personalities living and working within Los Angeles. The photographs covered a huge scope of almost every age, ethnicity, social class, work force and culture, of everyday people living and breathing in LA.

Faces of Sunset Boulevard

In the book, Ecclesine powerfully combines the feeling of street photography, but juxtaposed with the production value of a high-end fashion shoot. He delivers portraits that are real and gritty, yet beautifully stylized.

Faces of Sunset Boulevard

This style of photography that I’m doing is cinematic. It tells a story. It’s a moment heightened by creative use of lighting. I’m emphasizing my subjects with light; I’m bringing them out of the background, dropping the background down and making my subject first and foremost. Interview for Digital Photo Pro

He captures a spectrum of human emotions – vulnerability, strength, hope, desperation, determination, ambition – the heart and soul of his subjects. Photographs include those of the homeless, cleaners, police force, beauty queens, skateboarders, writers, lawyers, single parent families and many more.

Faces of Sunset Boulevard Faces of Sunset Boulevard  Faces of Sunset Boulevard

If you’ve not already seen this piece of work, I’d definitely recommend you taking a peek through the book. No matter what type of portraits you shoot yourself or admire, there’s something every photographer can take away…

All photographs, copyright of Patrick Ecclesine.


Inspiration – Jeremy Cowart

Perhaps best known for shooting the likes of A-listers such as Courtney Cox, Hayden Panettiere, Sting and Kelly Clarkson, photographer Jeremy Cowart is in high demand in Hollywood circles.

But it’s not his glamorous headshots that have inspired me here (albeit, they’re stunning), but his portrait works whilst traveling the world.


Capturing real life with a photo-journalistic approach, he’s photographed some truly beautiful images on his travels across countries such as Dominican Republic, Haiti, Sweden and Rwanda, to give a real essence of real people and their spirit.



With an amazing eye for details, I really admire his ability to harness light and shadow, to grab every ounce of texture and personality in the frame.


Check out his portfolio page – – to see his versatility.


All images copyright of Jeremy Cowart