Photography has always been a passion of mine, and in the past few years I’ve been lucky to call it my career too.

Whether I’m picking up my camera & lenses to head out and snap, or am browsing online for inspiration and techniques, photography is a major influence in my every day life. From studying works of the greats to enjoying new works by fresh artists, there’s always something to learn and be excited by.

A major part of my photography love is not only picking up a camera & taking photos, but continually developing skills, researching trends and immersing myself in the creativity of so many talented photographers out there.

So, this blog has been born. It’s a scrapbook of wonderful works, emerging trends, new equipment, challenging techniques and beautiful photographs by amazing artists.

Hope you enjoy  🙂

I’m always excited to hear from you if you’re keen on photography, have snapshots to share, know of any new gizmos and gadgets coming our way, or if you just have a passion for interesting and beautiful photos – feel free to leave comments 😉



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